How to Speak Like a Business Leader

How to speak like a business leader


The field of leadership training is vast! A part of the industry is dedicated to training people how to speak like leaders. How is one to know what the most effective way to speak like a leader is? We have done the research for you!


When do you need to speak like a leader?  Some common situations include during meetings, on conference calls when called on, and of course giving important speeches and presentations.

There are some common traits for leadership language that we have identified below. Read through them and then try to answer the questions about your own company and position.


  • Speak concisely. Cut to the point. Concise speech means that every single word you mention has a purposeful existence in the sentence. Do not give details that are not necessary and do not leave out details that are key to your point. Do not over explain, do not under explain, and do not miss the point!
  • Do not wash out your true meaning with the use of superlatives such as great, awesome, & perfect. Instead, search for adjectives that accurately describe your noun. Instead of saying: ‘Our new product is amazing.’ Try saying: ‘Our new product saves time, fills a critical gap in the market, and is made from revolutionary engineering.’
  • Rise above your personal paradox when discussing a situation. If you are speaking on a certain subject be sure to focus on the correlation between your project and the core key goals of the entire company. If you are discussing constraints, go beyond the internal constraints to market and even global constraints for your industry.


  1. Summarize your company’s performance last year. Remember to apply the 3 rules above: Speak concisely, Do not wash out your true meaning, & Rise above your personal paradox.




2.  Watch a Ted talk with even more techniques on speaking like a business leader:

What is the joke in beginning a word play on?

What is the ancient art of rhetoric?

What are the three metaphors mentioned?

Rhetorical Techniques:

  1. Three breathless sentences
  2. Three repetitive sentences (opening clause)
  3. Balancing statements
  4. Metaphor
  5. Exaggerative statements
  6. Rhyming statements

3. Now go back to the short talk you gave before on your company’s performance last year and apply the 6 rhetorical techniques from above.




Communication coach Alex Lyon:

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