English Immersions are an effective method of reintroducing or increasing your comfort level in English. Challenging, customized, English language and soft skills immersion courses are tailored to working professionals who want to rapidly improve their English in order to conduct business, negotiate, speak in public, lead teams, and engage in social and cross-cultural communication.

English immersions are conducted over one week and provide 40 hours of contact with native English speaking instructors.

All soft skills immersion topics include grammar and pronunciation language objectives. Targeted pronunciation and industry specific topics are available as well. The instructor builds a customized course based on the client’s needs.

The following are the broad topics covered in a soft skills immersion:

Oral communication topics: Presentations topics:
Dealing with problems Making presentations
Making recommendations Getting attention
Asking questions Concluding a presentation
Brainstorming solutions Summarizing
Presenting facts and figures Negotiations topics:
Emphasizing your point Negotiating
Adapting to your audience Presenting an argument
Making phone appointments (pre-intermediate only) Selling your idea

Getting to yes

Communicating ideas (advanced only)
Leadership topics: Meetings topics:
Getting things done Participating in a meeting
Building a team Leading a meeting
Celebrating success Achieving objectives
Managing a crisis Professionalism topics:
Orienting a new colleague (pre-intermediate only) Making polite contact (pre-intermediate only)
Dealing with difficulties and conflict
Motivating staff (advanced only) Developing skills (advanced only)
Managing change (advanced only) Doing the right thing (advanced only)
Managing resources (advanced only)
Written communication topics: Socializing topics:
Emails Meeting people
Memos Small talk
Factual reports Entertaining guests
Formal correspondence Being a guest (pre-intermediate only)
Meeting minutes Pronunciation topics:
Messages and notes (pre-intermediate only) Special topics
Cover letters (advanced only) Industry specific topics:
Special topics