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Product Overview

Locus English offers a variety of English courses tailored to your industry and
position. Focus in these courses is given to industry and job specific vocabulary,
speech acts, and functional language. Our trainers come from a wide variety of
professional backgrounds and as such are able to provide detailed instruction in your
specific field. From experienced training engineers, accountants, human resource
directors, marketing and communication directors to fields including but not limited to;various manufacturing, industrial, financial and pharmaceutical backgrounds.

Target Audience

This course is designed for professionals from a variety of backgrounds that need to
improve their job specific or industry specific English language needs.

Training Location

Our professors come to you! Locus English provides transportation for our instructors to better accommodate the needs of businesses. We’re set up to teach in your office or the training room just down the hall. If you require an off-site location, Locus English is able to accommodate trainings in our center.

Training Stages (Process)

Locus English prioritizes training above all to ensure the desired results and accountability. For this reason, our training process was created and rolls out in an organized and efficient manner.

Stage 1: Level Test

Determine each student’s English level in relation to the Common European Framework References for languages.

Stage 2: Needs Analysis

Identify the students’ goals, objectives, and expectations from the training.

Stage 3: Training

Initially, our Program is followed for 3 months.During this time multiple progress tests are


Stage 4: Assessment

Each student passes an extensive assessment to ensure progress has been made with their training program.

Stage 5: Certification

Students are awarded completion certificates and invited to re-enroll in the next level of appropriate training.

Who we are

Locus English delivers custom, quality instruction of the English language to individuals or groups within a wide range of corporate environments. Founded to address the need for effective communication in the Moroccan business world, Locus English has become an essential part of relationship building and ultimately, growth for any industry.

Our guiding principles are

  • Encouraging clients to achieve their full potential
  • Supporting the linguistic and professional goals of companies and individuals
  • Cultivating a culture of result driven accountability.