Our executive coaching programs can improve your ability to communicate efficiently and confidently in English. These are personal coaching programs designed to meet individual needs.

  • Focused on key language & communication skills needed to succeed in multinational environments
  • Program content is flexible and based on detailed discussion with the candidate.
  • Flexible schedule with regular reports and guidance provided throughout the program
  • Classes given by top Industry Executive Coach who has a solid background in business with extensive management and training experience.

Keys to Success:

  • Each program is highly tuned to the candidate’s needs and language ability, allowing maximum improvements to be made in a relatively short time.
  • Focus of the coaching relates directly to candidates daily work and specific areas can be looked at in depth, supported by tailored materials and realistic case-studies.
  • Schedules are fully flexible to accommodate the candidate’s availability.

Sample Focus Areas:

  • Meetings: signaling opinions, tone in speech – diplomatic disagreement, and presenting ideas and advocacy.
  • Presentations: developing ideas, structure, language development and script correction, voice techniques such as stress, pausing, chunking etc., writing PPP’s, techniques for impact, handling Q &A’s, persuasion and advocacy.
  • Communication: communication styles, verbal communication, leading meetings, listening skills, questioning, reporting, instructing, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Networking: getting a conversation started, conversation hot buttons, using conclusion signals and getting out of problem conversations.


  • Each candidate is usually assigned an initial 20 hours of coaching. Schedule is flexible to accommodate the demanding nature of the executive’s schedule.
  • Sessions are arranged directly with the trainer on an on-going basis.
  • Candidates can have as many hours as they like each week.
  • Coaching usually takes place onsite during office hours but can be arranged at our training center, the candidate’s office, or any other convenient location.
  • Regular reports are provided to show progress and highlight areas in need of more focus.
  • Classes given by our top Industry Experts.