Product Overview

Our Workshops & English Immersion programs are a great way to reintroduce or increase your comfort level speaking English. Spend a full day or week with Locus English practicing your English withoutever leaving your city! Our workshops and intensive English Immersion weeks are delivered in an English Only environment for your greatest benefit.

Target Audience

This product training is for business professionals that have a specific and urgent need to start using English again. This training is also helpful for those that need to “de-block” and begin using their English more comfortably.

Training Stages (Process)

Up to 40 hours of English Exposure 5 Full Days of Training A variety of NATIVE English Speaker trainers Business Social and Small talk lunch lessons Presentations, Negotiations, Test Preparation, Email, and Report Writing Restaurant ordering in English

Training Location

Locus English provides a week-long, intensive immersion training program in the luxurious and comfortable environment of your choice. We have training sites available in your city to accommodate a comfortable space for you to learn and grow!