The Importance of Business English in Morocco

By Emily Gibbons

Today, we are living in a Global Community. Workers communicate with others from around the world on a near daily basis now, products are bought and sold, and services are provided globally. The English language has inarguably achieved a major role in this globalization and it has become the prime language of choice for International communication.

Effective communication is the key to success. No matter how good your selling techniques are, or how good your marketing proposal is, poor language skills inevitably destroy all your efforts.

It is important as a business professional to be able to communicate effectively with overseas business partners and collaborators. Proficient and proper use of English is vitally important.

English is now part of the regular workday for many employees here in Morocco.

In a recent survey I conducted amongst some business professionals here in Casablanca, the huge majority felt that their English language proficiency level was insufficient to be truly successful in their current jobs. In sum, 90% of those I spoke with said that English was either “critical” or “important” but only 10% felt their proficiency was sufficient to do their current jobs. This is a massive and costly skill gap. They also felt their ‘poor’ English limited their chances of career advancement.

Therefore, sufficient English skills are really vitally important for companies in Morocco.. Employees who are unable to process and disseminate information quickly and accurately can adversely affect the bottom line.

A step in the right direction is for organizations to provide high-quality business English training for their employees. .

By improving employees’ English language skills and business skills, organizations should see improved communication and teamwork, increased productivity and efficiency, better customer service, increased staff confidence and motivation, and overall greater job satisfaction for employees.

Locus English has the solutions you need.


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