The Importance of Business English in Morocco

By Emily Gibbons

Today, we are living in a Global Community. Workers communicate with others from around the world on a near daily basis now, products are bought and sold, and services are provided globally. The English language has inarguably achieved a major role in this globalization and it has become the prime language of choice for International communication.

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‘Houston, we have a problem’ – How to prepare for a stressful conversation in English

Communication strategy is useful for all of us who work in high stakes corporate environments. There is even more pressure on those that have to have stressful meetings and conversations in English when it is not their native language. Lire la suite

How to make meetings more productive

This week we have the other half of Locus English, Emily Gibbons, as a guest writer on the blog. Emily has many years of business experience in both Europe and Morocco. One of the main drivers of Locus English’s success is Emily’s ability to coach and guide our clients in the business landscape. We hope you enjoy this article she has written on how to make the dreaded, time-sucking meetings, that we all have to show up for, more productive!

How to make meetings more productive

In the 1960s, executives spent an average of 10 hours a week in meetings: now it’s closer to 23. Yet we still haven’t mastered the art of meeting well. By employing clever facilitation techniques and managing tricky attitudes, we can turn a time drain into a productive teamwork tool.  Lire la suite

ESL Podcast Game

60 Second Podcasts


Podcasts are a great way to listen to English while learning new information. In this collection of short podcasts from ‘Scientific American –  60 Second Mind’ we will hear a variety of subjects. You will listen to each podcast and then discuss with your coach. Note any vocabulary that you do not understand and try to guess the podcast title.

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How to Pitch in English

What is an elevator pitch ?


An elevator pitch is a short presentation of your company, self, or project that takes no longer than 30 seconds.

Why would you ever need an elevator pitch?

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How to Speak Like a Business Leader

How to speak like a business leader


The field of leadership training is vast! A part of the industry is dedicated to training people how to speak like leaders. How is one to know what the most effective way to speak like a leader is? We have done the research for you!


When do you need to speak like a leader?  Some common situations include during meetings, on conference calls when called on, and of course giving important speeches and presentations.

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Business English Idioms

Is everything smooth sailing in your office? Have you had to shoot something down recently? I know you don’t always see eye-to-eye with your colleagues but don’t let your game plan go down the drain by severing ties. If you want to corner the market and see your business in full swing then you need to keep your eye on the ball. In a nutshell, you are in the driver’s seat so you need to go the extra mile with your game plan. Lire la suite

What can we learn about Business English from Shakespeare? A LOT!!

What can we learn about Business English from Shakespeare? A LOT!!

Shakespeare was born on April 23rd, 1564 and reportedly died on April 23rd 1616 as well.  He is from England and was a playwright and poet. He is often affectionally referred to as ‘The Bard’.  Shakespeare is one of the most influential contributors to the English language. How many words do you think Shakespeare as contributed to English? Lire la suite

Level Test

Welcome to the Locus English level test. Please watch the video below and follow the link to take your test.










• Choose the best answer for each question.
• Stop when the questions become too difficult.
• Spend no more than 40 minutes on the test.