Level Test

Welcome to the Locus English level test. Please watch the video below and follow the link to take your test.










• Choose the best answer for each question.
• Stop when the questions become too difficult.
• Spend no more than 40 minutes on the test.

The Clever Connection: A Highlight of Locus English

When your competitor starts recommending you to potential clients, then you know it must be magic. And if you’ve never had to do any sort of sales pitch and you can just rely on word of mouth, then again, rest assured, your product must be particularly outstanding.

Sometimes there are teams that work exceptionally together. From Hewlett & Packard to Ben & Jerry, these extraordinary mergers have just the right amount of yin and yang to pull off perfection. Occasionally, things just fall into place and you have an aha moment that leads you to right where you are supposed to be. And you wonder perhaps what took you so long to get there. You can’t imagine how it possibly was before. It just always was. The innovative and ingenious partnership of Emily Gibbons and Carrie McKinnon is just this – a perfectly oiled machine of a small business with two fearless women at the realm of its groundbreaking agenda of teaching English Communication & Business Soft Skills in Morocco. Read more